Lost pet and deer recovery/locating

Lost Pet?


Big Buck got away?


We can help with Lost pet and deer recovery/locating



Pet/Livestock Locating

We understand how heartbreaking loosing a pet can be!.

We are equipped with thermal imaging drones that allow us to help recover lost loved ones. 

There are a lot of  variables when it comes to  pet/livestock recovery so finding them can’t always be a guarantee, but if they’re outdoors and in the area, there is a good chance we will find them! 


Deer Carcass Locating

Losing a big buck can be devastating. It can ruin your entire hunting season and the haunting memories can last a lifetime. The next time you shoot an animal and are unable to retrieve it contact us immediately.

We will come to you with a state of the art drone and fly up to 400 ft above the search area. When directly overhead only a small amount of ambient noise can be heard like a distant airplane. Our drone will not scare deer, unlike other equipment which requires you to be much closer to see details. Using a thermal camera we can locate the deer by its body heat. Once we believe we have located the target animal we can zoom in to identify and verify if it is the target animal. We then have the longitude and latitude coordinates of its exact location.

It’s that simple. You’ll now be able to get your hands on trophies you would not be able to otherwise. Additionally you may learn you need to wait it out a bit longer due to shot placement and if your wound was not lethal, you’ll have closure. There are various benefits to this method over traditional blood trailing or the use of dogs. Some of which are a lack of scent, noise, and light pollution disrupting the area for future hunts and not bumping deer. This can be performed day or night. Deer typically show heat for more than 24 hours (much longer in some cases). 

Lost pet and deer recovery and locating

Herd Analysis

Have you ever wondered what the buck to doe ratio on your land is?  Now you can get the answers you need to better manage your herd and make decisions crucial to your success. We can deliver a variety of information including:

-Total deer

-Number of adult deer

-Number of fawns

-Number of doe

-Number of bucks 

-Bed locations

-Feeding areas

-Connection routes


Lost pet and deer recovery/locating

Pet/Deer Locating



  • 100 mile round trip included – $0.50 per mile after
  • Includes initial 2 hour search – additional hours $100
  • After hours or emergency response – add $100
  • Prepaid