Prices start at $99

Lost pets…

By utilizing Thermal Imaging Cameras we are able to detect animals via their body heat. This allows us to help locate animals that have gone missing, especially in rural and/or wooded areas. 

Selling your house or property??

There is no better marketing tool then having your property photographed and filmed from above and at different angles. Showcasing not only your house but the entire piece of property that it sits on. Give prospective buyers the views  that the competition doesn’t have.

Selling a car, motorcycle or boat??

We can help you too. Imagine being able to provide a video of your vehicle from all angles… especially from above as you drive it. Show your prospective buyers what it can do and how it looks… In action! It really is a great selling tool…

Hospitality and Event Venues

Imagine being able to provide a cinematic tour of your property, venue and complex. Give prospective clients a virtual tour of the amenities that you provide and the layout of your site. It’s a great marketing tool that invites people to your property.

Construction sites and Projects

Would you like a record of the progress that is happening on the job site? We can provide you with overhead still pictures or videos (or both) completed on a regular basis so you can document the progress that has been made over time.


Landscapers, Pool contractors, Hardscapers

There is no better way to market your services than to use aerial before and after shots of your projects. Showcasing how your services were able to transform during the scope of your project.

Golf Course managers…

How awesome would it be if you could provide prospective guests and members with a Virtual tour of your course with a flyover of every hole to showcase your club and allow golfers the opportunity to see your beautiful course before they ever step foot on the property.





You’re busy running your business. We understand! That’s why we have a wide range of helpful services to take the load off your shoulders.